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In Botswana, the third-largest diamond in history was mined: the giant was shown to people

This is the second diamond of over 1,000 carats discovered in Botswana in the last six years — the previous one was sold for $53 million.

The diamond found at the beginning of the month was shown to people only two weeks later.

In Botswana, one of the largest diamonds in the world was discovered — its weight reaches almost a quarter of a kilogram.

This is stated in the press service of the government of the country.

The 1,098. 3-carat (219.6-gram) diamond is the third-largest ever found. It was discovered on June 1 at the Jwaneng mine, located in the north of the country.

The find is owned by the Debswana diamond company, which is jointly managed by the Botswana government and the world's largest diamond mining company, De Beers.

“The proceeds from the sale of diamonds will go to the national development of the country,” the government of the African power assured.

Botswana's treasure is already in the history of diamond mining / Photo: REUTERS

This “ giant “is only slightly inferior to” number two “ in the list of the largest diamonds in history — Lesedi La Rona (1109 carats), which was also found in Botswana six years ago and sold for $53 million.

The first in the rating is the legendary “Cullinan” — this 3106-carat stone was discovered in South Africa back in 1905. Subsequently, it was divided into smaller stones — some of them still adorn the crown of the British royal family.

Recall that in April, a ring with the largest square diamond was auctioned off in Australia. The weight of the stone was 25.02 carats, and the lot itself was sold for $1.25 million.

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