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Not China: Doctors Make Important Announcement on Coronavirus Source

Not China: Doctors Make Important Announcement on Coronavirus Source

The exact source of the disease is still unknown.

The initial source of the epidemic of the new coronavirus might not have been in China, although the diseases were first recorded in China. This was stated by the head of the special commission to combat the spread of pneumonia of the State Committee on Health Affairs of the People's Republic of China Zhong Nanshan.

“When we make forecasts and speculate about the epidemic, we take into account China first and do not consider other countries. Now and abroad situations have arisen. An outbreak first occurred in China, but it is not necessary that it originated in China.” He said.

Zhong Nanshan added that the source of the coronavirus has not yet been established.

“It is still unclear exactly how the new coronavirus appeared. We don’t know if it existed before. Probably, not only pangolins are the intermediate host of the coronavirus,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus victims increased to 2744 people, and 78497 became infected.

We also wrote that US President Donald Trump said that the United States could restrict communication with countries affected by the coronavirus.

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