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Trump after Biden's meeting with Putin: “A good day for Russia”

The American ex-president was dissatisfied with the Geneva summit of the United States — Russia, because Russia got everything, and America was left with nothing.

The United States has not received anything from the meeting of President Joe Biden with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16, according to American former President Donald Trump.

He said this on Fox News.

“We have given Russia a high platform. And didn't get anything worthwhile. I think it was a good day for Russia. But I don't think we got anything out of it,” Trump said.

He is sure that he “really got along well” with Putin, but at the same time he behaved most harshly towards Russia among all his predecessors, introducing many sanctions and, in particular, “stopping the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.”

At the same time, Trump stressed that he would be happy to cancel all measures as soon as Russia “got a grip on itself.” Thanks to this, relations between the two countries could become “amazing and mutually beneficial”.

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