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Joe Biden said that he fulfilled what he came to the summit for

US President Joe Biden, after meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva, said that Russia's economic prosperity is in the interests of the United States, as long as it complies with international norms.

“I am ready to do business with Russia without any problems, as long as they do it on the basis of international law. It is in our interests to see that the Russians are doing well economically, “ he said.

Also, US President Joe Biden said that he fulfilled what he came to the summit for.

“I did what I came for. First, to identify areas where both countries can work to advance our common interest and benefit the world. Secondly, to communicate directly and thirdly, to clearly express the priorities of our countries, our values, “ he said.

According to him, the tone of the conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin was “good” and “positive”.

“I have to tell you, the tone of the whole meeting was good, positive. There were no drastic actions,” Biden said at a press conference following talks with the Russian head of state.

According to the president, the parties also indicated points in which they disagreed with each other.

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