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Biden confused Putin with Trump

US President Joe Biden has started a press conference on the results of the US-Russian summit.

First of all, he said that relations with Russia should be predictable and stable. According to Biden, his agenda is not directed against Russia, it is “for the sake of the American people.”

Not without its curiosities. In one statement, Biden confused Russian leader Vladimir Putin with his predecessor, Donald Trump.

“I watched a fragment of the broadcast (of the press conference) of Trump Putin,” the US president corrected himself.

In general, both leaders positively assessed the results of the negotiations. Joe Biden called the atmosphere of the meeting with Putin “kind and positive.”

Vladimir Putin, in turn, called the conversation with his American counterpart Joe Biden “ direct, open, without any unnecessary diplomatic deviations.” According to him, during the conversation with Biden, he did not see any hostility.

The first bilateral talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States since 2018 were held on June 16 in Geneva. The summit consisted of face-to-face talks between the presidents and an extended meeting. In total, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden talked for about 3.5 hours.

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