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Biden gave a thumbs-up after meeting with Putin

The talks between the US and Russian presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin ended in Geneva.

Leaving the meeting place, Joe Biden showed reporters a thumbs-up gesture. Vladimir Putin, commenting on the meeting, said that it went “well”.

The Russian-American summit was held in two stages. The Presidents first talked face-to-face, and then held a meeting in an expanded format.

It was supposed to be held in two stages, but only one session of expanded negotiations took place.

In total, the Russian and American leaders talked for about 3.5 hours. Another hour took a break.

In the near future, Putin and Biden should hold a press conference on the results of the talks. According to the White House, it will begin at 19.30 local time.

The Russian delegation called the meeting “quite successful”.

Earlier, Russian and American journalists reported a stampede in front of the Villa La Grange, where the summit was held.
Most of the correspondents were not able to get inside and take part in the welcome part of the event. Two cameramen and two photographers managed to enter the hall to join Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden.

The leaders of Russia and the United States had to start without accredited journalists, after which they retired to the closed part of the negotiations, where media representatives were no longer allowed.

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