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African country gripped by “diamond” fever

Residents of South Africa flock to the village of Kwahlati in Kwazulu-Natal province because of the “diamond” fever. On the territory of the African country, unknown stones were found, which people took for precious and decided to enrich themselves, writes CNN.

Thousands of Africans have been digging up the village's open field with pickaxes and shovels since June 12 in search of what they thought were diamonds. The first previously unseen nugget was discovered in the ground by a local shepherd. The extracted stones are sold by South Africans for $ 7-20, depending on the size. Poverty, high unemployment in South Africa remain unchanged for about three decades, the pandemic has worsened the situation.

“The discovery of the deposits will change our lives. No one in the country has a normal job, I grab odd jobs. The discovery made my whole family very happy, " said the 27-year-old father of two.

On Monday, June 14, representatives of the mining department of South Africa arrived at the site. Geologists collected samples of the material to determine the origin and value of the stones. The lack of confirmation that the nuggets are really worth something, did not stop the diggers before the chance to get rich. The authorities are cracking down on “diamond diggers”, warning of the threat of coronavirus infection in a mass gathering of people.

In 2019, in the city of Kalgoorlie, Australia, a man found a piece of gold weighing 1.4 kilograms and worth 100 thousand Australian dollars. And in 2020, a farmer from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh found a diamond on a piece of land rented for 200 rupees, which he sold under the hammer for six million rupees.

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