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The French asked the US to ease sanctions on China and received a scandal with radiation

French Framatome appealed to the US authorities to make an exception to the sanctions and allow it to solve the problem of emissions at the Chinese Taishan nuclear power plant, the main owner of which China General Nuclear Power Group is under US sanctions. The US State Department, however, simply passed the information to the media, and the French and Chinese had to justify themselves.

The US government has received and is verifying a report of a radiological threat at the Chinese Taishan nuclear power plant in Guangdong Province. This was reported by CNN, citing sources. The TV channel clarified that the warning came from the French Framatome, which is a co-owner of the nuclear power plant. In its letter, the company indicated that the Chinese regulator had raised the permissible limits of radiation outside the nuclear power plant to avoid the closure of the facility.

The CNN story provoked a scandal, and the French Electricite de France (EDF), which is the main shareholder of Framatome, had to report that the release of rare gases at the Chinese Taishan nuclear power plant does not exceed the norm and it is not an emergency. Then the same was said by the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian. “The current state of the Taishan NPP complies with the technical regulations, there are no deviations in the radiation level around the NPP, and safety is guaranteed,” Zhao Lijian said at a briefing.

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