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Biden explained the scandalous statement about Putin

US President Joe Biden laughed after being asked to comment on the reaction of Russian leader Vladimir Putin during an interview to a scandalous statement addressed to him. He answered a question from journalists at a press conference following the NATO summit.

When the head of the White House was asked to assess Putin's reaction to the question about the controversial interview, Biden laughed. After a pause, he said that it is in the interests of the Russian president to change the opinion of the world community about himself.

“Look, he made it clear that the point is that I believe that in the past he himself has talked about what he can do or has done When I was asked on live TV about it, I answered honestly,” Biden commented.

After that, the journalist recalled that Putin laughed when he learned about the scandalous statement of the American president.

“I'm really laughing, too... I don't think it has much of an impact on our upcoming meeting,” he added, laughing between sentences.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an exclusive interview with NBC that he is not worried about the scandalous statements of American leader Joe Biden in his address. He also noted that some accusations against him resemble “verbal indigestion”.

Biden and Putin will meet on June 16 at Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland. The joint event between the two leaders will be the first since Biden took office. Putin's trip to Geneva will be the first foreign visit by a Russian president since January 2020.

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