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An NBC correspondent spoke about a conversation with Putin without cameras

NBC correspondent Keir Simmons in an interview with the TV channel spoke about a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin without cameras.

According to Simmons, after the interview, the Russian leader continued the conversation with him without cameras, “ leaning forward, looking into my eyes.”

“He convinced me, for example, that he believed the West was funding opposition groups in Moscow,” the journalist said.

Earlier, Putin accused the NBC journalist who interviewed him of gagging and inappropriate behavior contrary to” American values.” During the conversation, the correspondent repeatedly interrupted Putin, to which the Russian leader said that it was in the interests of the viewer to let him answer the question in full.

The interview was recorded on June 11 in the Kremlin. The head of state, in particular, answered questions about the incident with the Ryanair plane in Belarus, the fear of the opposition, and the conditions of detention of the founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund Alexei Navalny in jail, and also talked about Russia after he left office.

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