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Germany says claims against Telegram

The Ministry of Justice of Germany confirms the information about the legal claims to the messenger Telegram, the agency expects a response from the company.

Earlier, the publication Spiegel reported that the messenger Telegram may face fines of up to 55 million euros in Germany due to the lack of a contact person for communication with the state services and insufficient measures to combat content that violates the law. According to the publication, the German Federal Ministry of Justice demands that Telegram “obey the law,” the platform should be “obliged to be accessible to the authorities, immediately remove criminal content and actively transmit user data to investigators.”

“This is true,” a ministry spokeswoman said, commenting on the Spiegel publication, adding that the Federal Office of Justice, which is part of the German Justice Ministry's system for legal inquiries, has sent two letters to Telegram in Dubai.

“The company has an opportunity to respond. Details of the individual processes have not been reported,” the ministry spokeswoman added.

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