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Biden left the press conference after a question about Trump

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, was put out of patience by a journalist's question about his predecessor, Donald Trump. An excerpt of the video from the press conference, where this question was asked, was published by Forbes magazine on Twitter.

The press conference of the American leader was held following the results of the G-7 summit. The reporter asked Biden why Washington has not yet lifted trade duties on steel and aluminum exports from the European Union, imposed by Trump. The journalist also wanted to clarify how the leaders of other G7 countries feel about this.

“120 days. Give me a break. I need time,” Biden answered irritably, slapped his hand on the podium, and left.

Washington imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to the United States from Europe, Canada, Mexico, and other countries in 2018. Trump justified this with national security requirements.

At the same press conference, Biden laughed because of Putin's words about US-Russian relations.

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