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Lukashenko does not rule out Belarus participation in the war

The Belarusian president spoke about the need for skills in handling small arms not only for soldiers but also for civilians.

“Why shouldn't students and others be involved in teaching the use of firearms — assemble and disassemble the gun, to shoot? So that they know how to use it and so they won't have to learn on the battlefield in hard times,” said the Belarusian leader during a visit to the company that manufactures ammunition and missiles in the Orsha district of Vitsebsk region.

In addition, Lukashenko said it was necessary to localize ammunition production in Belarus.

“Who guarantees that we won't go to war? Neither you nor I, nobody can guarantee that. The world is out of its mind. War can break out at any moment at any point, God forbid, at our place,” says the President of Belarus.

During his inspection of the military-industrial complex facilities, Lukashenko inspected the production of 9 mm cartridges, as well as samples of small arms and telescopic sights made in Belarus.

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