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Imminent threat: Chinese nuclear power plant leaks

Last week, the US authorities received information that a radiation leak occurred at one of the nuclear power plants (NPP) in China.

As CNN reports, we are allegedly talking about the Taishan nuclear power plant. According to the TV channel, the warning about the “imminent radiological threat” came to them from the company Framatome (France), which partially owns and helps operate the Taishan nuclear power plant, located in Guangdong province.

The letter, which appeared in the possession of CNN, says that the situation at this nuclear power plant poses an imminent radiological threat to the facility and the population. In this regard, Framatome urgently requests permission to transmit technical data and assistance that may be required to return the station to normal operation.

At the same time, it is noted that the Chinese regulator has increased the permissible limits for detecting radiation outside the nuclear power plant to avoid closing the facility.

In turn, one of the sources of the TV channel, who is familiar with this situation, stressed that at present the White House does not believe that the leak at the Chinese nuclear power plant is at a “crisis level”, but recognized that the situation requires careful monitoring.

In connection with the information that has emerged, the US National Security Council has already held several meetings, and Washington has discussed the situation with Paris, as well as with experts at the Ministry of Energy. In addition, the United States maintained contact with the Chinese government on this issue, although their extent is unknown.

On May 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a videoconference to start work on pouring concrete into the foundation of the 7th block of the Tianwan NPP and the third block of the Xudapu NPP.

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