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Cuba asks tourists not to bring cash dollars

Cuba advises visitors to the republic not to take cash US dollars with them, as they will not be accepted for payment and exchange for local pesos, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Cuban Central Bank, Francisco Mayobre Lense.

The measure comes into force on June 21 of this year.

“Those who come to the country from this day should have any other currency with them,” said the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Cuba.

According to him, we are talking exclusively about cash dollars, tourists will not have any problems with paying with cards.

Earlier, the Central Bank of Cuba announced that the banks of the republic will stop accepting cash dollars for crediting to customer accounts. This decision is related to the “economic blockade” of Cuba by the United States.

In April of this year, the leader of the Communist Party was replaced in Cuba, and the country adopted new principles of economic management.

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