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American man survived after being swallowed by a whale

In the United States, a humpback whale swallowed a diver and spat him out 40 seconds later, safe and sound. The victim escaped with bruises. The incident is reported by CNN.

American Michael Packard-a diver engaged in the extraction of lobsters. On the day of the incident, he was fishing for them off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts. The man plunged about 10 meters under the water when he was swallowed by a huge mammal.

“I felt a strong push and found myself in a strange black place. I felt something clench my muscles and thought: God, I was bitten by a shark. Then I realized that I was in the mouth of a whale and it was trying to swallow me,” said Packard.

He began to struggle with Keith and felt that Keith did not like it. The animal shook its head in discomfort, then surfaced and spat the Packard out into the ocean. The “Ion of our time “was in the” belly " of the whale for about 30-40 seconds.

Packard was rescued by a teammate in a nearby boat. According to him, he was “all bruised”, but did not suffer serious injuries.

Biologist Juke Robbins, director of the humpback whale program at the Provincetown Coastal Research Center, said in an interview with CNN that the whale probably accidentally swallowed it since this species is not known for its aggressiveness.

“We haven't seen humpback whales do anything like this before,” Robbins told the publication. “I think it was a surprise for the diver and for the whale.”

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