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The British sided with Putin in the dispute with Biden

Readers of the British tabloid Daily Mail praised the interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin to NBC, taking the side of the politician in the dispute with his American counterpart Joe Biden. During the broadcast, the national leader said that he was not worried about the statements Biden and has long been used to labeling. Commentators believe that the Russian president is “ smart and chooses his words carefully.”

Putin does not tolerate insults and protects his country, our leaders could learn from him, “ smithp1 wrote.

I like the way Putin laughed at Obama, and now he's laughing at Biden. They just amuse him. He doesn't care what Biden thinks, and frankly, neither does the rest of the world, “ Facts Not Optional noted.

In March, US President Joe Biden said that Russia should pay for “meddling” in the US election. The politician also answered in the affirmative to the journalist's question whether he considers Putin a murderer.

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