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Biden administration reveals expectations for Geneva summit

The United States at the upcoming summit in Geneva wants to find ways to move US-Russian relations forward, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on CNN.

“We are meeting just because there are differences between us, because of all the topics that you have raised, because of how hostile our relations have become. It's not in our best interests. And we want to find a way forward, “ Psaki said.

The press secretary of the US administration stressed that the upcoming meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States is absolutely in the interests of the United States, as the White House wants “to come to a point in relations with Russia so that they are more stable and predictable.”

Psaki also highlighted several areas in which Russia and the United States have the opportunity to make significant progress in terms of cooperation. “You mentioned cyber attacks, the accumulation of forces on the border with Ukraine, the topic of human rights. This is an opportunity to discuss all of these issues, but also where we can work forward — strategic stability, negotiations with Iran. All of them will be part of the discussions with Russia next week, “ the White House spokeswoman said.

Putin and Biden are scheduled to meet in Geneva on June 16. The parties are expected to discuss issues of strategic stability, the fight against the pandemic, the international agenda, and regional conflicts.

Earlier, the Russian president shared his expectations from the talks with the head of the US administration, named the main goal of the summit, and set a condition for the normalization of relations with the United States. The Kremlin pointed to the risks for the whole world due to the downturn in relations between Russia and the United States but urged not to experience inflated expectations from the summit.

The Biden administration also shared their expectations for the meeting, explaining why Biden wants to meet with Putin. Senator Alexei Pushkov advised Biden not to try to impose any demands on Putin in Geneva or “play with his muscles”.

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