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Male teachers in Spanish schools began to go to work in skirts

It all started with the fact that one of the students was expelled from school for going to classes in women's clothing. The teachers decided to support him and show by their example that clothes do not have gender.

Male teachers who teach in Spanish schools have recently begun to come to lessons in skirts. They do this as part of a campaign to combat gender stereotypes, the media write.

The “Clothing without Gender” movement (#LaRopaNoTieneGenero) was launched in November 2020 by math teacher Jose Pinays. The idea of the movement came to Jose after one of his students, Mikel Gomez, was expelled from school for coming to class several times in women's clothing.

After the incident, the teacher was photographed near the blackboard in a jumper and skirt and posted a post on social networks. “20 years ago, at this school, where I now work as a teacher, I was abused and harassed because of my sexual orientation. Back then, many teachers preferred to turn a blind eye and ignore bullying. Today I want to support Mikel, who was expelled from school and sent to a psychologist for coming to class in a skirt, “ Pinas wrote.

In May, a similar case occurred in another Spanish school. One of the students was bullied for being gay and wearing a hoodie with an image of an anime hero. After learning about this, his teachers Manuel Ortega and Borja Velaquez went to work in skirts for a month.

Ortega and Velasquez wanted to show the students that clothes don't mean anything and that everyone can dress the way they want. During the interviews with the children, the teachers also tried to show that boys can play with dolls and grow their hair, and girls can wear short haircuts or play football. According to the teachers, after these conversations, the children began to show more respect for other people.

Note that Mikel Gomez, with whom this story began, after being expelled from school, started an account in TikTok, where he found the support of millions of users. On Instagram, under the hashtag “Clothing without gender”, you can find more than 11 thousand publications.

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