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Scientists compared the infectivity of the Indian and British strains of COVID-19

Scientists from Public Health England found that the Indian strain of coronavirus Delta is 60% more contagious than the Kent variant of Alpha, which was identified in the fall of 2020, which led to the third wave of the pandemic in Europe.

“According to PHE estimates, the vaccines used are less effective-by 17% — against the Delta variant compared to the Alpha variant after the first dose of vaccination. However, there is only a slight decrease in effectiveness after the second dose of the vaccine, therefore, the main protection against the Delta variant is full vaccination, " the organization said.

According to the Office, the Indian strain is actively spreading in the UK-today it accounts for 90% of cases of new infections. The total number of infections in the country is also growing — over the past week, the figure increased by 70%, with more than 7 thousand new cases registered in Britain for the second day in a row, while in May it was recorded from one thousand to two.

Earlier, scientists told about the dangerous symptoms of the Indian strain of coronavirus.

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