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Biden gets lost at the G7 summit

US President Joe Biden got lost at the G7 summit, accidentally ending up in one of the restaurants.

In the British county of Cornwall, the American president went to a restaurant where there were strangers. Judging by their reaction, they did not expect to meet Biden. As the politician headed for the exit, he was asked how the summit was going.

“Very good,” he said and left the place.

An unknown girl, probably the organizer, took him by the hand and led him outside.

Earlier, Biden's wife said that he was “too ready” for the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which will be held on June 16 in Geneva. According to her, Biden was well prepared for his first foreign tour — he had been preparing for the trip for weeks, working until today. As the president's wife said, the head of state “loves foreign politics, this is his fortress.”

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