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For the first time in the United States will begin to test the vaccine against coronavirus in humans

For the first time in the United States will begin to test the vaccine against coronavirus in humans

A new vaccine is needed to treat those infected with coronavirus

Trials of the mRNA-1273 vaccine are due to begin in April. For this, 20-25 healthy volunteers will be invited.

Moderna, an American biotechnology company, introduced the mRNA-1273 vaccine against the COVID-19 coronavirus, which is planned to be tested in humans. This is stated in a message released on the company's website on Monday, February 24.

It is noted that the first batch of vaccine ampoules was sent to the National Institute for the Study of Allergic and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for human testing.

At the same time, the vaccine was created in record time — in just 42 days from the moment the coronavirus genome was determined. About a hundred employees worked on it.

As NIAID Director Anthony Fosi said in a commentary on The Wall Street Journal, vaccine trials should begin in April. To do this, 20-25 healthy volunteers will be invited, they will be given two doses of the vaccine in order to assess its safety and the formation of the immune response necessary to protect against the virus.

The first test results are expected to appear in July or August. If successful, the vaccine will be widely available within a few months of this.

According to the latest data in China, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection has reached 77658 people, 2663 people have died. In recent days, Italy, South Korea, and Iran have become new foci of virus infection.

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