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Americans condemn Biden's «gift» to Russia

American readers appreciated the article published by The Wall Street Journal, the authors of which criticized the energy policy of the US administration. Citizens agreed with the negative assessment of the decisions of the White House leadership, as reported in the comments.

The WSJ article refers to Joe Biden's decision to suspend the program of leasing federal land in Alaska intended for the development of oil and gas fields. This step is explained by the intention of the US government to develop “green energy” and fight climate change. At the same time, the authors of the material called this step a gift for Russia and China.

American readers also questioned the correctness of this decision of the head of state.

Joe Biden's energy policy, if he really has one, puts America in the back of the bus, “ one commentator said.

Many paid attention to the statement of journalists about the “gift” to competing countries.

Our president is a gift for Russia and China. We will pay the price for many more years for his decisions;

Biden cares about other countries, but not about the well-being of the United States. When our economy collapses, it will be the worst days since the Great Depression, “ users said.

Earlier, readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro condemned American President Joe Biden for his intention to show, in his own words, that “America is back” at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Geneva. Some even saw in this statement of the head of the White House colonialist sentiments.

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