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Biden insulted the British military

US President Joe Biden made a mistake in his welcome speech during speeches to the US military in the UK. The reservation was perceived by the British media as an insult.

In his speech, the American leader mentioned the British Royal Air Force, which in English is designated by the abbreviation RAF. Biden swapped the letters and pronounced RFA.

In the transcript of the speech, published on the official website of the White House, the president's reservation is crossed out, and the correct version is written in parentheses.

Biden's uttered three letters may indicate an obscene English expression, depending on the context.

In April, Biden was unable to pronounce the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time during a speech on relations between the two countries. The American leader spoke up and said something unintelligible, like “ President Gluten.” Biden then immediately corrected himself.

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Our President, who has been very clear and open about his stutter, did not "insult" anyone. He switched 2 letters. He didn't call service men and women "suckers" or "losers". If you have spent at least a day in uniform, serving your nation, you'd realize that the military is an alphabet soup of accronyms and abbreviations.
Get over you faux outrage.

Hugh Gass,
Your head is obviously firmly esconced up your huge ass.

Yes, the military is repleet w a plethora of acronyms. Nevertheless, it doesn't excuse a complete and utter incompetent in Biden consistently fxxking up his ( prepared ) speeches. They actually write them for him because they are aware of his predilection to talk adneausium on anything irrelevant and out of the blue due to his dementia and senility. And having mental lapses and poo-poo mouth even then.

Get over covering for a hypocrital, lying husk of shxx in Biden

Michael ……..wtf

Our military are grown ups who are intelligent and professional. They respond to the content, intent and tone and would not take offence or dwell on a couple of juxtaposed initials. Nor would they mock the Leader of another country for such a minor slip,especially when it is linked to a personal challenge he has work to overcome. Grown up America.

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