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10 Interesting Facts about Medicine in Israel

10 Interesting Facts about Medicine in Israel

Israel is in the top 10 countries in terms of life expectancy. This indicator in the country is 81.5 years. It was achieved thanks to advanced medicine and a high level of health care. That is why the most complicated operations, including cancer, are carried out in this country. It is worth telling you about the most interesting and incredible medical facts in Israel.

1. In Israel, you will not find children's clinics. Maternity hospitals are not separate facilities but are located inside hospitals. In addition, the country does not have to wear shoe covers and bathrobes. You can visit patients at any convenient time.

2. The fact that every third employee of a medical institution in Israel speaks Russian can also surprise tourists from the CIS, which facilitates the treatment process. Nurses have much more responsibilities, and their status is higher than in neighboring countries.

3. The country has a high loyalty of the population, due to which highly qualified specialists do not go abroad. And due to the fact that the country is small, Israel has specialized medical facilities. If a specific diagnosis is made to a patient, they can easily send him to the appropriate hospital.

4. Israel has an innovative system that helps doctors prescribe drugs for patients. If the drug is contraindicated with a certain diagnosis or is not recommended for use with the already prescribed, the system will notify doctors about this. It is gradually spreading to other countries of the world. It is worth noting that almost all drugs in Israel are dispensed only by prescription.

5. Not all locals like Israeli medicine because of its efficiency or high prices. But at the same time, in percentage terms, the number of Israelis using foreign medicine is very small.

6. In Israel, there is a very high level of rehabilitation of patients after serious injuries and injuries. This is due to a large number of wars in which the country participated. In addition, Israel has one of the best systems in the world for the rehabilitation of victims of road accidents. Many countries of the world are trying to adopt it.

7. Israel is in the top 5 countries in terms of life expectancy of women and in the top 10 in terms of life expectancy of men.

8. Every Israeli who has completed his studies at medical institutions is required to go for at least half a year to an internship in a foreign country with a high level of medicine. After he has gained experience, the specialist returns to the country and works in local medical institutions. Note that Israel itself follows US standards.

9. Due to the proximity of the holy places, the treatment is more successful, thanks to the high morality and faith of the population.

10. Doctors treat many serious injuries without surgery, as the country has a very high level of medical technology.

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