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In South Africa, a woman gave birth to ten children at a time

Mom and dad did not believe that this was even possible — there were so many children in the womb that they could not see all of them at once on the ultrasound

A resident of South Africa made a real feat — gave birth to ten children at once and entered the Guinness Book of Records.

This is reported by the local publication IOL.

The record-breaking mother was 37-year-old Gosiame Tamara Sithole. Her husband, Teboho Tsotetsi, told reporters that their ten children were born on the night of June 7 in a hospital in Pretoria.

They became parents of seven boys and three girls at once, and initially, only eight children were found on ultrasound. They were born prematurely — at the 29th week of pregnancy.

Curiously, the African woman became pregnant naturally, so neither she nor her husband initially believed it. Now they are raising two six-year-old twins.

“It was hard at first. It was painful and hard for me. It's still difficult right now, but I'm used to it. It doesn't hurt so much anymore, but it's still a little heavy. I just pray that God will help me give birth to all my children healthy and that I and my children will stay alive. In that case, I would be very happy, “ Sithole said last month.

Scientists call this case unique because it usually happens as a result of infertility therapy.

Since the babies were born prematurely, they will spend the next few months in an incubator.

The previous record for the number of children born at the same time was held by Halima Cisse from Mali, who gave birth to nine babies at once in Morocco a month ago.

Recall that this year, the mother of many children Kelsey Townsend from the United States gave birth to a daughter when she was in an artificial coma due to an infection with coronavirus.

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