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Biden will address Europe "from a position of strength"

U.S. President Joe Biden will begin his European tour from a "position of strength". It was announced by Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to the president.

Biden will meet with Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16. Before that, he will attend NATO and EU summits on his first trip abroad. The American leader's intention to meet with his Russian counterpart became known after their telephone conversation on April 13. In particular, Biden urged the Russian president to hold a bilateral summit on the territory of a neutral country.

Earlier, Sullivan had said that the White House viewed the meeting with the Russian president "not as an encouragement, but as a vital part of protecting American interests and values." He also noted that Joe Biden had promised Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to talk to Vladimir Putin about the sovereignty of the republic.

On June 6, Biden said in an article in The Washington Post that he wants a stable and predictable relationship with Russia. "We want a stable and predictable relationship in which we can work with Russia on issues such as strategic stability and arms control," the White House chief said.

On the same day, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that should Russia act aggressively and recklessly toward Washington or its allies, a response would follow. He said that the United States "would prefer to have a more stable and predictable relationship with Russia," but also threatened that, otherwise, Washington would have to take action.

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