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Hackers declare war on Elon Musk

A message of a threatening nature to the founder of Tesla and the inventor of the international payment system PayPal, Elon Musk, from the hacker group Anonymous, was published by the Daily Mail.

Computer hackers are not satisfied with how Musk manipulates the cryptocurrency exchange rate on a whim. Hackers believe that he thus mocks hardworking people. The latter “have their dreams shattered by his public tantrums.” In the video message, the phrase sounds: “You have met a worthy opponent. We are Anonymous. We are the legion. We're coming.”

In addition, from the point of view of hackers, Musk is actually lying when he talks about his concern for the environment in the world. Members of the group believe that the founder of Tesla “is trying to play on both sides.”

“It seems that your desire to save the world has more to do with a superiority and savior complex than with a real concern for humanity,” is how Anonymous formulated this claim.

Recall that more than a month ago, Elon Musk announced the termination of sales of Tesla electric cars for bitcoins. He later posted several tweets indicating his distrust of cryptocurrencies. As a result, the bitcoin exchange rate has collapsed from $64,000 in April to about $34,000 at the moment.

Recall that the US authorities accuse WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of having links with hackers from the Anonymous group. According to the US Department of Justice, he asked representatives of this organization to send him data on government intelligence organizations — the CIA and the NSA.

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