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The U.S. could not find the money for a super cannon

The U.S. Department of Defense failed to find money to create a strategic long-range super cannon, writes The Drive.

According to the newspaper, the funding for the corresponding program in the draft budget for the fiscal year 2022 was sharply reduced. Because of this situation, it is planned to carry out research of general nature.

According to the newspaper, the tests of the gun, scheduled for 2023, were canceled.

Earlier it became known that the U.S. Army is working on a new gun Strategic Long Range Cannon, capable of hitting targets at a distance of 1,150 miles (ca. 1,851 km) (more than 1,850 km). According to Popular Mechanics magazine, it will enable the U.S. artillery to shoot 50 times farther than the existing guns. According to the magazine, from the North Sea Montana can bombard targets in western Russia and even Moscow.

It was also reported that after 16 years of research and development the US Navy is ready to give up the development of the rail gun.

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