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The winners of the “Eurovision-2021” got into a new scandal

The music group The Vendettas from the Netherlands has accused the winner of the international Eurovision Song Contest 2021-the Italian rock band Maneskin — of plagiarism.

According to The Vendettas, their 1997 song “You Want It, You Got It” sounds identical to Maneskin's "Zitti E Buoni".

A Member of the Dutch band Joris Lissens, however, said that it is necessary to understand whether the similarity of the new song with the track released before the birth of the Italian rockers — 27 years ago-can be considered plagiarism.

Earlier, the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 were accused of plagiarism by other musicians from Italy. The band Anthony Laszlo claims that Maneskin stole a guitar riff written 6 years ago.

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