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Putin: The United States is firmly following the path of the USSR

The United States is firmly following the path of the Soviet Union, making typical mistakes for “empires”, says Russian President Vladimir Putin. He expressed this opinion during a meeting with the heads of world news agencies.

“What is the problem with empires — they think that they are so powerful that they can afford small errors and mistakes,” the Russian leader said.

According to him, the powers that are confident in their power create problems for themselves, believing that they can always solve them. However, there comes a time when such problems “can no longer be handled”.

“And the United States, with a confident step, a confident gait, a firm step, is going straight along the path of the Soviet Union,” the head of state concluded.

Earlier, Putin said what topics he plans to discuss with his American counterpart Joe Biden in Geneva on June 16. In particular, the Russian leader intends to touch upon the topics of strategic stability, disarmament, pandemics, conflict resolution, and ecology.

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