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Facebook changed its mind to block Trump forever

The social network Facebook has revised its decision to permanently block the accounts of former US President Donald Trump, who has not been able to use the service for two years. The statement of this nature was published by the employees of the press service of the American company.

Facebook stressed that the decision to block it was corrected after criticism from the supervisory board. In addition, the organization reacted with condemnation to the indefinite nature of the freezing of Trump's accounts.

It is inappropriate for Facebook to use such a non-standard punishment against a politician, “ the statement said.

Trump will be able to restore his pages in two years. Unfreezing accounts will be possible if certain conditions are met. The starting date is January 7, 2021.

Facebook Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks have previously blocked access to Trump's profiles for various periods of time. They believe that he provoked riots in Washington and stormed the Capitol with his messages.

Instagram Facebook's supervisory board made a decision in early May, according to which the accounts of former US President Donald Trump in the social networks Facebook and Instagram will remain blocked. The council's opinion is published on the official website.

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