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Bernie is eager to win. US Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders leads the Democrats race

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won a landslide victory at the next primaries of the US Democratic Party.

Democrats continue to actively choose their own presidential candidate, who will have to challenge Donald Trump. And confidently ahead in this race, Bernie Sanders breaks out.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won a landslide victory in the US Democratic primary on February 22 in Nevada. Thus, he won the third consecutive state.

The Unstoppable Burnie

In Nevada, Bernie Sanders scored 47% of the vote. Following him, former US Vice President Joe Biden finished with 23% of the vote. The third is the former mayor of South Bend in Indiana, Pete Buttidzhich (14% of the vote).

Prior to this, Sanders has already managed to secure the support of 21 delegates to the Democratic Party Congress. In total, for the nomination from the party to the presidency, 1990 out of 3979 delegates is needed.

In his victory speech, Sanders praised his team and criticized President Donald Trump. “Americans are tired of the president, who is lying all the time,” he said.

Trump was also not indebted, he noted the victory of Sanders, but once again called him “crazy Bernie.”

By bolstering his leadership as a Democratic race leader, Sanders at the same time increased tension in the campaign because he was considered too liberal to defeat Trump.

Socialism on the march

Sanders has a socialist reputation in the United States. His opponents often recall that in his youth, the future senator joined the youth unit of the Socialist Party of America, and in the late 1980s traveled to the Soviet Union and spent his honeymoon there.

It is believed that Sanders won, with the support of the large Latin American community of Nevada. Sanders is 78 years old, but his main pillar and the social base is youth.

It’s just that the main part of Sanders’s slogans, frankly populist, by the way, is targeted specifically at young people. He promises to abolish tuition fees at state universities. He also proposes to cancel debts for education that Americans already have. There are 45 million such people in the United States for a second, and the total debt is $1.6 trillion.

Biden doesn't give up

The former vice president has already been written off, but in Nevada, he said that “the return begins here.”

“The press is ready to quickly declare people dead, but we are alive, we are returning and are going to win,” Biden said.

Biden’s main problem is that he is identified with the establishment, the political elite, and voters are looking for a new face. The vice president was not able to put forward any interesting new ideas or original election moves. Actually, he is a candidate for stability, a guarantee of the absence of big changes.

Moscow's hand again

US officials informed Bernie Sanders that Russia was trying to help his presidential campaign, sources told The Washington Post. What exactly is Russia's assistance is unknown. The Washington Post notes that, according to the American authorities, Russia has already tried to help Sanders before the 2016 presidential election — in particular, through posts on social networks. Then Sanders lost to the primaries of the Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton.

Sanders confirmed to The Washington Post that he was informed of help from Russia and possibly other countries. According to him, this happened about a month ago. When asked why he had not talked about this before, Sanders replied: “I attend a lot of intelligence meetings that I don’t talk about publicly.”

According to Sanders, helping various candidates in the presidential election, Russia wants to sow discord in the United States. “To be honest, I don't care who Putin wants to see as president. My message to Putin is clear: stay away from the US election, ” said Sanders.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov called reports of interference in the US election “paranoid.”

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