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A hitman from the British special forces told about plans to kill Pablo Escobar

Former soldier of the British Special Forces SAS (“Special Air Service») Peter McAleese spoke in an interview with the Daily Mirror about how he was involved in the planning and preparation of a special operation to eliminate one of the most famous drug lords in history — Pablo Escobar.

According to McAleese, they were ordered to kill Escobar by a rival drug cartel. McAleese was supposed to prepare a group of 12 men to break through the three-thousand-strong guard of the head of the Medellin cartel and kill him. For the head of Escobar, competitors-the Cali cartel-promised the team of McAleese $1 million.

“We flew straight to Colombia and met a guy named Jorge Salcedo, and he informed us about what was going on,” McAleese said.

The squad's training took place on mock-ups of Escobar's apartment complex, then the group was taken to the jungle for training. According to McAleese, an accident prevented the elimination of the drug lord — their helicopter lost control and crashed in the jungle, as a result of which the pilot was killed, and the rest of the squad members were seriously injured.

“The pain was terrible. I started thinking, what am I doing here, how did I get into this? “ McAleese said.

He broke several ribs and was carried to the evacuation site by his comrades.

Peter McAleese served in the British Special Forces from 1962 to 1969, when he was kicked out of the army due to any disciplinary actions.

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