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Joe Biden mixed up the number of months in a year

American President Joe Biden was caught again on a speech error. This time, the 78-year-old politician mixed up the number of months in the year.

Biden gave a speech about the fight against coronavirus and vaccination. During his monologue, he said that at the moment, 15 months have passed since January.

Since January 20, that is, in about 15 months, the average number of daily infections has decreased from 184,000 to 19,000, “ the president stressed.

The press service of the White House, publishing the text of Biden's speech, corrected the mistake of the politician but did not hide it. In the transcript, the number 15 is crossed out, and the number 5 is placed next to it in parentheses.

This isn't the first time Biden has been caught making mistakes in his speech. So, last month, he made a mistake when pronouncing the last name of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and also confused escalation and vaccination.

Biden previously spoke to students at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. During his speech, the politician made an unfortunate joke and insulted the audience, who did not react to the ridiculous joke.

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