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Coronavirus strikes Iran, South Korea, and Italy

Coronavirus strikes Iran, South Korea, and Italy

If in China the epidemic began to decline, then three new points on the globe attracted the attention of the world — serious outbreaks were recorded in Italy, Iran and South Korea.

The situation in South Korea

The focus of the epidemic in South Korea was the Christian sect in Daegu. By Monday morning, the diagnosis of Covid-19 (the so-called coronavirus disease) was made to 763 people. Seven died. The local Christian sect became a hotbed of the epidemic.

President Moon Jae-in announced the highest level of danger, allowing the government to block entire cities and take other serious measures against the epidemic.

“The next few days will be critical for us,” he said.

The situation in Italy

The sense of security experienced in Europe amid a remote epidemic disappeared late last week. Of the five confirmed cases of infection in Italy, an epidemic broke out. Currently, the virus has been confirmed in 152 people. Most of them are located in the densely populated neighborhood of Milan in the north of the country.

Photo of empty shelves in Italy. People make out the latest products.

The Venice Carnival has been canceled, schools in large cities are closing down, 10 small cities are closed for quarantine: residents can leave the city or enter only with special permission. Surgical masked police officers work on the roads.

Definitely, the fundamental principle of the open borders of most European countries will undergo a stress test. The Austrian authorities have already detained one train that was moving from Italy in order to test passengers for the presence of the virus. All tests were negative.

Former Italian Minister of Health said the sharp rise in infection was due to systematic checks that revealed a “second generation of infection.” The infection could be brought by people who flew to Italy from China on indirect flights, hiding their original point of departure and avoiding voluntary quarantine.

The outbreak in Italian Lombardy began with a 38-year-old man who was hospitalized. He had symptoms of the disease five days before. He has not been to China. Five of the hospital’s paramedics, his pregnant wife, and several friends are now infected.

Situation in Iran

Schools, universities and some seminaries are closed in Iran. In a short time in the country, 8 people died due to a disease caused by a coronavirus. This is the largest number of deaths outside of China. The diagnosis is made to at least 43 people. The government has to deal with high levels of public distrust amid an outbreak.

Five of the eight deaths occurred in the city of Qom, and the rest — in the central and northern provinces of Markazi, Gilan, and Mazandaran. Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey close their borders with Iran.

There were calls to close the religious shrine in Qom for Muslim visitors from all over the country and from abroad, but senior Iranian priests rejected this idea.

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