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The world will face a shortage of doctors by 2030

The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that there will be a catastrophic shortage of doctors in the world in the coming years. So, by 2030, the shortage in the world can reach 18 million doctors, according to Business Insider.

As specified, this is due to the increased burden on health workers due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected their mental health. Even now, many doctors face depression, anxiety, do not cope with the pressure, and quit.

In addition, doctors are concerned about problems with the vaccination campaign. In a number of developing and poor countries, there is still insufficient access to vaccinations.

It is noted that accelerated vaccination reduces the tension among doctors about their own health and the risk of bringing the virus to the family.

According to the head of the international health organization Project Hope, Dr. Tom Kenyon, the decline in the morale of doctors during the coronavirus pandemic is comparable only to the mood during the AIDS epidemic, when health workers left hospitals in fear of infection.

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