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“This is unacceptable”: Japan responds to Russia's detention of the ship

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has sent a protest to the Russian Federation in connection with the detention of a Japanese fishing vessel in the Sea of Okhotsk on May 28 by Russian border guards. This was reported on Wednesday by NHK.

It is noted that the employees of the foreign Ministry conducted an analysis of what happened and found that, in their opinion, at the time of the detention, the ship was in the exclusive economic zone of Japan. In this regard, the Japanese Foreign Ministry called the position of the Russian authorities “unacceptable” and demanded the speedy release of the ship and crew, the TV channel reports.

On May 28, the press service of the Federal Security Service of Russia for the Sakhalin Region announced that a Japanese-flagged fishing schooner was detained in the Sea of Okhotsk after trying to escape. During its inspection, live crabs, boiled and frozen crab products, and fishing equipment were found on board. It was reported that during the pursuit, the intruder vessel maneuvered dangerously and created a threat of collision with the border patrol ship. The vessel was detained and taken to the port of Korsakov for trial.

Japanese Cabinet Secretary-General Katsunobu Kato said earlier that the Japanese side is making every possible effort to free the ship and the fishermen. According to him, at the moment they do not experience any health problems.

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