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Kim Jong-un has a new deputy

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has a new deputy, CNN reports.

The new position was established in January as part of the revision of the charter of the Communist Workers Party of Korea (KPK). Who exactly took this position is not specified.

Experts believe that it may still be vacant, or occupied by the Deputy Chairman of the WPK, Cho Yong-won, or Prime Minister Kim Tok-hoon — “the two most influential” officials in the government. Both previously made visits to the country, which were previously carried out by the leader himself.

According to the TV channel, some analysts believe that only members of the highest echelon of the PKK will be eligible to hold a new position, that is, Kim Jong-un's sister, a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the PKK, Kim Yo-Jung, is unlikely to become his assistant.

“The powerful sister of the country's leader, Kim Yo — Jung, is probably not the person who was involved in this role,” Lim Yil-Chul, a professor at the Graduate School of North Korean Studies at Gyeongnam University, told CNN.

CNN notes that there is no data indicating that the creation of the post is related to the state of health of Kim Jong-un, which has been the subject of media attention since last year.

Earlier it was reported that Kim Jong-un did not appear in public for almost a month. He was last seen on May 6, during a photoshoot with the families of the North Korean military. In Seoul, it is believed that his absence in public is associated with the risks of coronavirus.

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