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Turkey: Sea of Marmara on the verge of disaster

For several weeks, the surface of the Sea of Marmara has been covered with a thick whitish coating of slime secreted by algae and indicating a high level of water pollution. From the air, you can see giant white carpets of so-called 'sea saliva'. Environmentalists, fishermen, and politicians are sounding the alarm. Turkish media complain about the carelessness of economic entities and the carelessness of the central authorities, insisting on the implementation of their plans for the construction of a new canal.

Criminal negligence

The entire ecosystem of the region is under threat, Milliyet newspaper writes:

“Octopuses, seaweed — all this is covered with slime. Plants are not able to carry out the process of photosynthesis. The oxygen reserves in the water are almost exhausted, and in some places, there is no oxygen left at all. The fish is suffocating. ... The reasons why the Sea of Marmara was on the verge of survival are as follows: 1) climate change and temperature rise; 2) pollution as a result of human economic activity. 50 percent of the Turkish industry is concentrated in the Marmara region. ... At the same time, there are usually no treatment facilities there. Dirt and poisons are simply dumped into the sea for a decade — and this shameful practice is called 'deepwater unloading'. ... If the state does not take urgent measures, the sea slime will soon reach the south — to the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas.”

Istanbul Canal: cancel construction!

Despite all the unfavorable environmental conditions, President Erdogan insists on the construction of a canal between the Marmara and the Mediterranean Seas. The start of work is scheduled for the end of June. Haberturk newspaper is critical:

“Many of those who have seen this sea slime firsthand fear that the construction of the Istanbul Canal will cause an even greater natural disaster. In addition to those who openly criticize the construction of the canal, most of the scientists who signed the conclusion on the environmental acceptability of the project avoid publicly speaking in favor of its implementation. If in such an atmosphere, the authorities insist on the construction of the canal-without any scientific assessment of its possible consequences for nature — then the main electoral base, as well as ordinary members of the Justice and Development Party, may move to the camp of opponents of the project. ... The Sea of Marmara, which we will pass on to our descendants in due time, should not become a victim of political confrontations!”

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