Surveys reveal the leader of candidates from US Democratic Party

Surveys reveal the leader of candidates from US Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders leads Democratic candidates

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is ahead of rivals at Democrat caucus in Nevada. And strengthens the chances of becoming the main candidate of the Democratic Party in the election of the U.S. President.

According to most forecasts, the 78-year-old senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders ahead of rivals at meetings of activists (caucuses) of the US Democratic Party in Nevada, which took place on Saturday, February 22. As a result of processing 22 percent of the sites, Sanders gains 46% of the vote.

“We will be able to create a government based on compassion, based on love and based on truth, and not as it is now on greed, corruption, and lies,” Sanders quotes supporters in Nevada, The Washington Post.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden is still in second place (24%) in Nevada, and the former mayor of South Bend (Indiana) Pete Buttigieg — in third place (14%). Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar and investor Tom Steyer also attended the focus. The official results have not yet been announced.

Sanders Strengthens Democratic Positions

Thus, at the last three events of the Democrats, Bernie Sanders managed to become a leader twice. On February 12, he won the Democrats' primaries in New Hampshire, Pete Buttigieg took second place, while Biden, considered the favorite of the race, was only in fifth place.

The results of past caucuses in Iowa could not be summarized immediately, Sanders then declared himself the winner, but on February 6 it became known that Pete Buttigieg outperformed him with a minimal margin, and Biden took fourth place.

A series of primary party elections — caucus and primaries — will end in July. Two US parties — Republicans and Democrats — will determine their presidential candidates. The US presidential election is scheduled for November 2020.

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