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Surveillance of EU politicians: Macron demanded explanations from the US and Denmark

Surveillance of allies, especially within the EU, is unacceptable, but France remains committed to a relationship of trust between Europe and the United States. This was stated on Monday by President Emmanuel Macron at a press conference following the 22nd meeting of the Franco-German Council of Ministers.

“This is unacceptable between allies and even less acceptable between allies and European partners,” he stressed.

France is committed to a trusting relationship between the EU and the United States and is awaiting clarification from Denmark and the United States after information emerged about the surveillance of European politicians by Danish intelligence services on behalf of Washington, Macron said.

“I am committed to the trust that unites Europeans and Americans. There is no room for suspicion between us, “ he said. — We expect complete clarity. We expect our Danish and American partners to provide full information in the context of these revelations.”

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