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A shortage of silver disrupted the work of the U.S. Mint

In the United States, they decided to temporarily stop the sale of a number of coins made of precious metal

The U.S. Mint has stopped selling some silver coins due to the scarcity and high cost of the precious metal. High demand and record loads on Mint's website have disrupted the stability of its operation. Because of this, not all customers were able to complete the transactions.

“Demand for many of our products, including bullion and coins, has reached record levels due to the global shortage of silver. For the sake of normalizing the situation, the Mint has postponed the acceptance of pre-orders for the purchase of a number of silver coins, which was supposed to begin in early June, “ the US Mint said.

The price of silver has jumped more than 70% over the past year, with commodity strategists saying growth is likely to continue as the global economy recovers. As of May 31, silver is trading at $28.1 per ounce.

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