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Biden says Texas Republicans tried to obstruct the voting process

US President Joe Biden has criticized Texas lawmakers who are trying to get tighter control over voting in this state. This is reported on the website of the US White House.

Biden blames Republicans in the state legislature for “attacking the sacred right to vote.”

“This is wrong and un-American. In the twenty-first century, we should make it easier for all voters to vote, not harder,” Biden said.

In both houses of the Texas legislature, the majority is held by Republicans. They had previously developed a bill that would change a number of voting-related rules in the state.

On May 29, an updated and revised version of this document was presented. It is expected that a vote on it will be held soon.

Earlier, Biden acknowledged the US lagging behind some countries in the field of development and research. The head of the United States said that 30 years ago, the United States was the first in the world in terms of spending on development and research.

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