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«The most terrible mouse plague»: mice have invaded Australia's homes and farms

After droughts, fires, and floods, rural farms in Australia are suffering from rodents. In particular, mice flooded the states of Queensland and New South Wales. Rodents wreak havoc on farms, homes, schools, and hospitals. Cities are suffocated by the pungent smell of their waste products.

This is written by Bloomberg.

It is said that mice that climb into food trucks may reach Sydney, Australia's largest city, in the coming weeks.

Although the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority has not approved the use of a highly toxic chemical to control rodents, the state of New South Wales is already preparing to get a permit. Local authorities have allocated 5 thousand liters of bromadiolone for the fight against mice, which will be distributed to the 20 most affected areas.

“Trying to count the number of mice in eastern Australia right now is like trying to count the stars in the sky,” said CSIRO expert Steve Henry.

It is reported that rodents destroy and pollute the crop collected by farmers with their droppings, so some farmers simply leave the crops. Rodents also damage homes and appliances.

Some farmers are calling the current rodent infestation a “terrible mouse plague,” writes the BBC.

CNN reported that the State Association of Scientific and Applied Research of Australia (CSIRO) believes that there are from 800 to 1 thousand rodents on one hectare. One of the reasons for this invasion of mice is last year's rains because, in 2020, the region had a two-year rainfall rate, which created ideal conditions for mice.

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