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Half of Americans discharged after COVID-19 have deteriorated health

A new study conducted by scientists from Michigan Medicine found that almost half of the patients hospitalized in the United States from March to April 2020 were discharged from hospitals in worse condition than they were when they were admitted, the Daily Mail reports.

For the work, the specialists analyzed the data of 300 patients aged from 20 to 95 years. It is specified that about 20 percent, that is, one in five, could not return to independent living. These patients experienced pain and neurological symptoms. Scientists emphasize that, despite the improvement in the quality of medical care over the past year, it is also important to monitor discharged citizens who may suffer from long-term symptoms.

As the publication notes, some time ago, recovery from the coronavirus was considered a good indicator. Residents looked at the statistics for their state and saw the number of recovered people there. However, as the author of the material emphasizes, there are no general parameters by which a complete recovery from the disease would be determined, since some people carry the infection easily, while others are seriously ill for months.

The study indicated that 45 percent of patients after discharge lost mobility and the ability to perform everyday activities: take a bath or dress. Another 20 percent had to move in with relatives or to a hospital because they could no longer care for themselves.

Earlier it was reported that half of the children who had COVID-19 had at least one symptom of this disease for four months. Among the most common consequences of the coronavirus, experts found insomnia, tightness in the chest, fatigue, pain in the muscles and joints, as well as difficulties with concentration.

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