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Residents of the city in state New Mexico urged to save water

The US authorities asked residents of a city in the state of New Mexico in the southwest of the country to reduce their water consumption. The call for savings is linked to extreme drought conditions across the county, the Farmington Daily Times reports.

According to the US Meteorological Agency (US Drop Monitor), the entire San Juan County suffers from a lack of water. The restrictions will affect only the city of Farmington with a population of about 45 thousand people. Residents are advised to reduce water consumption by 10 percent.

Local authorities say that Farmington Lake, which feeds the city's water supply system, is almost not replenished due to reduced snow cover on local mountain rivers. In the basins of the San Miguel, Dolores, Animas, and San Juan rivers, the cover content reached only 40 percent of the norm.

Restrictions for Farmington residents will begin to apply from June 1. Local residents will be asked to save on watering lawns and sidewalks, washing and other household needs, as well as to repair leaks in the water supply system in time.

Several US states are affected by the drought. The city of Corcoran in California is rapidly going underground, The New York Times reported on May 26. However, the problem with water scarcity there is not caused by climate change, but by interference in the ecosystems of local farmers who pump out underground water to water the fields.

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