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Scandal in the UK: Johnson's government decided who should not be saved in the pandemic

“Don't even count on a light stroll through the Champs-Elysees.” So the British newspapers discuss the news that Paris has turned against tourists from Albion. Because of the Indian strain walking on it, the French will put Her Majesty's subjects in quarantine for a week and find them on arrival. The head of the British Ministry of Health was also asked about where to fly so as not to drink beer as timidly as Prince Charles. And that was probably the only harmless question.

This morning, reporters were standing guard outside the home of Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Former Johnson adviser Dominic Cummings said Hancock had systematically lied and was guilty of causing the country to be so severely affected by the pandemic. But these accusations are like water to the minister. He did not communicate with journalists, and in parliament, he said that he tirelessly saved his compatriots from death.

“I woke up every morning and asked myself: “What should I do to protect lives?” This is the job of a health minister during a pandemic. We acted on the principles of openness, transparency and explaining what we knew and what we did not know,” said the UK Health Minister, Matt Hancock.

But Cummings published a photographic record of the government's desperate struggles during the initial period of the pandemic: on the board from the meeting room, where the government's action plan was discussed, the inscription “ Who should not be saved?” It is now deciphered as a recognition that the ministers were willing to sacrifice some people.

“You know, it was like a scene from the movie Independence Day when they say that the aliens are here, your whole plan went down the drain and you need a new one. The prime minister was shown the charts and explained — before the critical point is only a few weeks, the national health service will be defeated. You have a few days to act, “ says Dominic Cummings, 2019-2020 Senior Special Adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He claims that tens of thousands of people have died because of government inaction at the start of the pandemic. Cummings said that Boris Johnson does not fit the position of prime minister. Johnson was visiting a clinic in Essex today. Wearing protective armor, he said that his former adviser was wrong:

“No, I don't think so, but of course it was an incredibly difficult series of decisions, none of which we took lightly. We were driven by a determination to protect lives, to save lives, to ensure that our National Health Service is not overwhelmed.”

One of the leading British epidemiologists, Professor of Imperial College Neil Ferguson claims that the delay in the introduction of lockdown in March last year cost from 20 to 30 thousand lives lost: “The number of infected doubled every three to four days in March. If we had taken action a week earlier, we would have saved a lot of people.”

“We need to compare the statements of Dominic Cummings with the facts. Families who have lost their loved ones must learn the truth. Bad decisions lead to consequences. And in this case, the consequence, I'm afraid, was the loss of life, which could have been prevented, “ — says the leader of the British Labour Party, Keir Starmer.

The leader of the opposition has also been criticized for using the allegations made by Cummings rather loosely. And the point here is the scandalous personality of the former adviser, who last year himself fell for the fact that having contracted the coronavirus, he violated the quarantine.

One of the deputies of the British Parliament today reminded of this by posting in his office a table for checking the vision, which was written “Barnard Castle”. Where the patient Cummings, according to him, went to check his eyesight. It is clear that Cummings is taking revenge on Johnson for his dismissal, but on the other hand, this does not mean that you can not believe what he says today.

There is a lot of noise from the statements of the former adviser, but the effect is still no. Johnson clearly expects to be judged on how he will lead the country out of the pandemic. And then they will forget everything that happened before. The promised investigation of the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers again depends on the will of the government, which does not make any sense to start an analysis of its own mistakes.

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