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Kim Jong-un announces «most difficult situation in history»

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un described the situation in the country as “the most difficult in history” in his message to trade unions. This is reported by the Korean Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA).

In recent years, despite the most difficult situation in history, the state power and status of the country have increased dramatically. Now we have to fight a difficult battle in an environment where there is a shortage of everything, but creating a fruitful life under socialism, which will allow everyone to live well, without envying anyone, is not a matter of the distant future, “ the North Korean leader stressed.

According to him, the country owes its achievement to the working class, which in its heroic struggle is selflessly devoted to the DPRK.

Kim Jong-un believes that Pyongyang has entered a new era and now the country is beyond the “protection stage”. He stressed that the situation now requires radical progress and changes.

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