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The EU said they are doing 15-20 times more for Ukraine than the United States

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Elmar Brock believes that Europe, not the United States, pays for sanctions against the Russian Federation

Ukraine would be bankrupt if there were no trade agreement with the EU and visa liberalization, said Elmar Brock.

The Special Adviser to the President of the European Commission on Ukraine Elmar Brock believes that no one does as much for Ukraine as the European Union and its member states. He said this in an interview with the Ukrainian service of Deutsche Welle.

So, in response to a journalist’s question about critical statements by President Vladimir Zelensky about the insufficient efforts of the EU and Germany for Ukraine, he said: “We know Mr. Trump’s telephone methods. And Zelensky just took office. Therefore, we won’t allow Zelensky’s words in a conversation with Trump. Use as a basis for the relationship to deteriorate. “

Brock noted that over the past five years, the EU and financial institutions, together with member states, have provided grants, loans, and guarantees to Ukraine for approximately 18 billion euros.

“We carried our visa liberalization and entered into a free trade agreement, which led to a significant increase in exports from Ukraine to the EU. Americans provide the same billion annually as guarantees for cheap loans so that Ukraine can buy American weapons. We do 15-20 times more for Ukraine than the United States. And this should also be understood in Ukraine, “he said.

Brock added that “Ukraine would be bankrupt” if there were no trade agreement with all its advantages and if there were no visa liberalization.

“The trade balance between the US and Russia has grown. Europe, not the USA, pays for the sanctions. And they benefit from the sanctions. This is the reality. The reason for this is the existing trade relations and geographical location,” said Elmar Brock.

Recall that in a published transcript of the conversation between the presidents of the United States and Ukraine, Donald Trump criticized European countries and Germany in particular for insufficient assistance to Ukraine.

Later, Vladimir Zelensky explained that a telephone conversation with the US president, in which he criticized the EU, took place during a difficult period of easing of sanctions against the Russian Federation by European countries.

Then the EU said that the support provided to Ukraine is “unprecedented” in history, valuing it at 15 billion euros and this is not counting the assistance from individual countries.

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